One Last Day are a modern hard rock band from the south of England who launched themselves fully during the pandemic. Combining an eclectic symphony of influences spanning rock, grunge and metal One Last Day produces a sound, described by 'Accidental Music Reviewer', as "hard rhythm driven, steel edged alternative rock" with vocals which are "menacing, sympathetic and awe inspiring all at once". The band feels that this is a good summation!

One Last Day challenge the status quo in their lyrics encouraging the listener to connect with both the archetypal issue contained directly, alongside addressing the additional dimensions to the problem at hand. Recent single 'Out Of The Black'; "a powerful piece that combines great musicianship with powerful lyrics" - 'Raw Sounds Today', addresses both the horror within an abusive relationship alongside the helplessness of witnessing one without being able to rescue the abused party.

March 2023 single 'Stay Away From Me'; "Another slice of well played powerful but melodic rock song" - 'Wokingham Today', is also example of this duality. On the face of it the track tells the story of a toxic personal relationship, but the listeners are challenged to think deeper about how that might apply to their lives. It may not be a relationship with another person; it could be reflective of a toxic relationship with one of your own personality traits, a behaviour you exhibit on others or even a relationship with some kind of substance.

Having toured the UK and Europe in 2023 with Polish metallers Nocny Kochanek, to rave reviews including; "One Last Day - Playing first, these mega talented people, with a huge passion and affection for music set the stage alight, firing up the atmosphere and bringing the people together with their music" - 'Radioszokcja' (translated from Polish), One Last Day are continually seeking new opportunities to share their music live, online or through engagement with new platforms.

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How it all began...

It started with a single jam session between two guitar loving friends. Gareth Stapleton and John Harmsworth knew they had the start of something that could work. With a shared desire to deliver heavy yet accessible music, One Last Day's journey was born. The two soon found local drummer Adrian Osman, a kindred spirit who provided a solid foundation. The three started forging ahead with a strong emphasis on emotive songwriting and hard rock structures.

As active members of the South East music network, they managed to recruit Alex Willox on vocals, and after a few hours in a dingy practice room, One Last Day had found it's voice, literally. James Hutton later joined on bass guitar completing the line up, and cementing the sound and direction the band has successfully progressed with since.

It's an interesting time to be setting out in the industry and One Last Day are accepting the challenge. One day soon, these band will be tearing up stages everywhere, come along for the ride and remember where you heard them first.